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Welcome to the official webpage for Friar Tuck and the Monks, 2008 Inductees into the Kansas Music Hall of Fame. We're glad you made the trip. Feel free to browse around. You'll find loads of pictures of the band, some from the old days and some from the band’s induction into the Kansas Music Hall of Fame in March of 2008. There are copies of the nationally recognized Friar Tuck poster and all kinds of cool information about the group including an extensive interview done by the great website: “60’s Garage Bands”. You'll also find a bunch of links to other great Kansas bands of the 60's. You can listen to some Friar Tuck music and if you want, you can purchase a Friar Tuck CD. There are two CD’s featured on our web page. The first is the self titled “Friar Tuck and the Monks”. It features 16 songs recorded live in the 60’s in a National Guard Armory near you. The second CD is new. It’s titled “Friar Tuck’s Music Machine” and has all the songs performed at the Kansas Music Hall of Fame Induction concert. You won’t want to miss this one. You can listen to songs from the Friar Tuck CDs right here on this website by just clicking on the Music tab at the left side of this screen. If you’d like to buy the CD you can click on the tab at the left side of the screen that says “Buy the CD”. Friar Tuck CD’s can also be purchased on EBAY, at House of Sight and Sound in Salina, Kansas, and at Hastings Books, Music, and Video in Dodge City, Kansas. Friar Tuck’s Music Machine is also available for digital download on this website. You can buy a copy of your favorite Friar Tuck single for under a buck or you can download the full album for just $6.00. Digital downloads are also available at I-Tunes,, and Napster. THIS JUST IN!! You can now watch Friar Tuck and the Monks performing live at the 2008 Kansas Music Hall of Fame on YouTube. Check it out. What a trip! ENJOY

Who are We?

Friar Tuck & The Monks were one of the more popular bands playing throughout western and central Kansas in the 1960’s. Described as a "psychedelic soul" band, the group performed at most of the hotspots throughout Kansas, southern Nebraska, eastern Colorado, and northern Oklahoma. In 1969 they recorded and released their sole 45RPM single, a cover of The Beatles’ Help backed with Escape, a group original



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